Work Injury Compensation Insurance

Statutory Insurance for you as an employer, to insure your employees in the course of employment under the Work Injury Compensation Act.



Provides you with superior protection for your employees.
Coverage consists of:

Medical Expenses
Lump Sum Compensation for Death of Permanent Incapacity
Medical Leave Wages
The amount of compensation is computed based on a fixed formula and is subject to capping. Common Law Limit is at S$10,000,000 for any one claim or series of claim arising out of one event.

When taking up an annual WIC policy, you should cover adequately all wages of your direct employees for all works, including at project sites. To cover your obligations for project works either as a main or sub-contractor against common law – Talk to us or our representative for the EQ Project Employer’s Liability Insurance.

Key Benefits

WIC Policy is issued in Compliant with the Work Injury Compensation Act
Our WIC Policy is issued in compliant with the Work Injury Compensation Act. For an idea of the prescribed coverage, please refer to MOM website on Types of Compensation.

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